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The Vengeance of Jonah
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Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS Locations Venderbight.png Venderbight
Data ID 152799

The Vengeance of Jonah is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Trigger conditions[]

The Vengeance of Jonah is triggered when you do the Explore Venderbight action in SS Locations Venderbight.png Venderbight and by getting the event A corkscrewed street.

Story description[]

It's a cramped little place, but much better-lit than most places in the tomb-colonies. The scents of the dishes are multitudinous and extraordinary.

Are they good? They might be. They might be good. It's difficult to tell.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Recruit the Bandaged Poissonnier

The Bandaged Poissonnier has long wished to travel - but you'll need to outfit the galley to his exacting standards.

Avid enthusiasm

“Ah, my captain! The things we will catch! that we will consume! that we will experience! We will discover the Seventh Sensation, you and I. The taste that one tastes with the heart. You there! Sailor! Careful with the braising-alembic! It's worth more than your wretched soul.”

Game note: This will recruit him as a Cook.
Offer a Strange Catch

The Vengeance of Jonah is liberal in its approach to edibility.

Failed event Game note: They will pay a small fee and return some of the material to you as Supplies.
An adequate success

The final product is edible, if you close your eyes. It's probably better pickled.

Successful event
A find!

Oh, yes, this one is interesting. Certain of the organs may be consumed only if boiled in the beast's own venom. They're remarkably nutritious. Although the taste does rather linger. Good Lord, it does linger. Move on, taste. Move on.

Sample today's special

The food here is exceptional. You need not fear poisoning or boredom. Definitely not boredom.

Failed event Game note: This is usually a more effective way of reducing Terror than purchasing ‘a dusty glass of wine’, and will also reduce Hunger.
Good, but...

You eat with gusto and leave with relief. But that night you dream of the Writhing River: that watercourse where parabola-flax grows and nightmares spawn. Perhaps the Vengeance of Jonah has been purchasing their spices from behind mirrors again...

Successful event
A meal which defies description

The Bandaged Poissonnier, owner of the Vengeance of Jonah, has identified seven flavours which are pleasant, seven which are unpleasant, and seven which are neither. The flavours of this meal are chiefly of the first kind.

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