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Traveller's Friend
Category Shop
Part of Freemarket
Located in Khan's Shadow
Data value 48


Traveller's Friend is a shop in Khan's Shadow. Many of Traveller's Friend's wares cannot be purchased from any other shop in the game.

Shop Description[]

Freemarket: "Trade unfettered by the Khanate's law."

Traveller's Friend: "Fuel, supplies, and wonders."


Name Buy Sell Notes
SS boxgreensmall.png A Mirrorcatch Box Full of Very Angry Dream-Snakes SS echosmall.png +500 x Echo
SS fuelsmall.png Fuel SS echosmall.png -15 x Echo SS echosmall.png +0 x Echo
SS suppliessmall.png Supplies SS echosmall.png -25 x Echo SS echosmall.png +15 x Echo
SS guisemalesmall.png Outlandish Artefact SS echosmall.png -150 x Echo SS echosmall.png +100 x Echo
SS boxemptysmall.png Empty Mirrorcatch Box SS echosmall.png -250 x Echo SS echosmall.png +200 x Echo
SS diamondsmall.png Captivating Treasure SS echosmall.png -1500 x Echo SS echosmall.png +1000 x Echo
SS mechanism2small.png Milebreaker SS echosmall.png -2000 x Echo SS echosmall.png +0 x Echo
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