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Tree of Ages
SS Monsters Tree Of Ages.png
Type Monster
Stats Health: 900
Location Saviour's Rocks

... hull-down on the horizon. But as we drew closer, we all grew puzzled: it was like no ship we had ever seen, a curious congeries of multiple hulls and jointed... limbs? Then we knew it had sighted us, for thick smoke rose as it roused its engines and gave chase. Its limbs bristled. Through the glass now I could see what lay at the meeting-point of its faces: thousands upon thousands of spider-eyes, champing spider-fangs, fused together like wax. A spider-council! but one of unprecedented size, and crammed strangely into a hybrid ship. It could only be the Tree of Ages: and the first day of our flight began...

Monster description[]

A true beast of a ship composed of, and crewed by, spiders.


It can be summoned using an Element of Dawn should you be so foolhardy.

It's bulky, and attacks drain large amounts of hull as well as crew. The ranged attack increases terror. It is, however, rather bad at turning, so this can be used to your advantage.

The Tree of Ages has 2 attacks. TreeAgesRam is a ramming attack, with 60 base damage. It will kill 1 x Crew when Hull is below 50%, with an extremely high stagger. TreeAgesSpit is a long-range attack doing 35 base damage and an additional 5 Terror.

  • TreeAgesRam: Range: 160, Base Damage 60, Stagger 8, Crew Damage 1
  • TreeAgesSpit: Range: 250, Arc 50, Base Damage 35, Stagger 8, Terror Damage 5 (note: does not always stagger you)

Other raw game data:


SS spidertreegaz.png The Tree of Ages Uprooted[]

Its carapace cracks like armoured ice. Bulbous, many-legged shapes swarm out, flood the water - the spiders which comprise its flesh, fleeing like rats. It's breaking up!

Actions Requirements Effects

The Tree of Ages carries no cargo, only spider-flesh and venom - but perhaps you have a need for spider-flesh.

Pulsing relics

Here is a writhing organ, there a twitching limb. Your ship slows as it navigates a slick of stinking, dying spider-flesh awash with bluish, copper-smelling blood. You see and learn more than you'd ever wish. There! There, in that tubule-sheath! Haul it out with a boat-hook. What is it?

There will always be another Tree of Ages. The sorrow-spiders are patient, and numberless. But you have this one's heart.


Watch the dissolution. Learn what you can.

A safe distance?

You skirt a slick of stinking, dying spider-flesh awash with bluish, copper-smelling blood. Faces form in the bubbles at its edges. Voices cry out in the languages spoken between the stars. The sorrow-spiders have come far, to lair in this place, and now you have ended their fierce lives. There will be more. There will always be more.