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Truth in Dreams?
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Category Random Event
Type Zee
Linked to SS skullsmall.png Terror
Data ID 146619

Truth in Dreams? is a Sunless Sea Random Event.

Story description[]

The Neath, the cavern that holds the Unterzee, is prowled by dreams. There's a story that it was once the skull of a dead god. Perhaps that would explain it.

Trigger conditions[]

Truth in Dreams? is triggered at zee if you have the following:


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Listen to your dreams

What will you learn?

A dream of sand

The ship crosses a desert, not a zee. Black sand whispers against the hull - sand like grains of glittering night. Your crew sit on deck at a long table lined with candles, eating a rich red feast. “A reckoning,” one remarks, as she spears a gobbet of meat with her fork, “is not to be postponed indefinitely.” To the North, a light bulges hernially above the horizon: a searing kind of sunlight...

Listen to your dreams

What will you learn?

A dream of spires

Mirror-faceted pillars rise around you like trees in a forest - more so, because each glows with a shifting green light. The zee laps at the base of the pillars. A voice from above cries out in seven languages, and you understand each one: “Once was this the face of Irem! It will be taken from us!”

Listen to your dreams

What will you learn?


Five zailors dice for the corpse of a zee-bat. (It is ill luck for a zailor to kill a zee-bat). One wins it, but in his hand, it becomes a freshly cut Surface flower. His fellows cry out in envy and greed. They fall on him, and there comes a great rending of white petals. More petals fall, obscuring the masts, the ship, the Neath, the false-stars of the roof. It is very cold. You will have to set a fire -

Listen to your dreams

What will you learn?


You walk through streets of buildings trapped in amber, flooded with treacly light. Rubbery Men, their face-tentacles twitching complacently, swirl around you in crowds. They give you a wide berth: something drips from your hands. Not blood. It's pale as milk. A bell tolls. You turn in through an ornate arch, and all the lights go out - but not before you see the spined shape throned in a pool at the chamber's heart.

Sleep deeply

Dose yourself with blackspore, and you're less likely to dream.

    SS heartssmall.png Hearts challenge ( 167 for 100% )

Failed event
The edge of sleep

Wake, sleep, wake again. The engines growl like wolves. The sea chews at the hull. Everything is hungry.

Successful event
Restful slumber

No dreams. Only the cool press of night.

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