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Unsettling Sage
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Category Cargo
Type Passenger

Unsettling Sage is considered a usable Passenger Cargo item. Unlike most cargo, he cannot be thrown overboard. You monster.

Item description[]

"He's always watching. He doesn't blink."


The Unsettling Sage can be obtained from Wisdom by choosing to Exchange a Secret for a Prisoner, Ransom a Prisoner, or successfully Rescue a Prisoner when you have Objective: the Unsettling Sage.


Interactions in detail[]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Invite the Unsettling Sage to dinner

His tastes are piscine in the extreme.

A candid discussion

"I am aacustomed," he admits frankly, "to be being used aas a tool. This is whaat your Mechaanic will do: no maatter. I aam in his debt. My people maade me aas a repository of secrets. It will be a relief, when that ends. But until then, I shaall keep the secrets a little longer. Still, your compaany is pleasaant. This is for you."

He hands you a little nodule of deep amber. It is warm to the touch.

Tell the Unsettling Sage a story

"Yes. Something about the laands I have not seen..."

Half-closed eyes.

"Aah. Aah, thaat is good. Yes. Let me tell you something of the sea..."

Other Interactions[]

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Kingeater's Castle - Construct the Fulgent Impeller Default:

Wisdom: whom have you freed? - The Unsettling Sage Default:
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