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Venderbight (Map)
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Venderbight (Gazetteer)
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Located in Tomb Colonies
Ports Yes
Shops SS banknotessmall.png Arcade of Sighs

SS ruins2small.png Hollow Temple

SS coffinsmall.png The Charnel Lounge

Shipyard Unlockable
Data ID 141878

Venderbight is the main Tomb-Colony, located north of SS fallenlondon portgaz.png Fallen London, that you will regularly visit if you make runs to drop SS coffin2small.png Tomb-Colonists off.

You will recognise the location by the Port and the lit Beacons located on the Southern shore and cliffs.

Port description[]

Few die in Fallen London. They come here instead.


You may choose to Explore Venderbight at your own peril. This colony is not the most inviting of places for shore leave, as, since the population is composed predominantly of bandaged undead, there's a bit too much decay and too little light. No cinnamon, no recent newspapers, and very little picked cave herring.

However, as with the other Docks and Ports you may do recon for SS papers5gaz.png The Admiralty Survey Office.

Story Events[]

Once you arrive with a SS coffin2small.png Tomb-Colonist, you will trigger the SS tombcolonistgaz.png The Trouble with Tomb-Colonists event. For a full guide, see The Trouble with Tomb-Colonists (Storylet).


You can recruit the SS bandagedpoissoniergaz.png Bandaged Poissonnier here, as well as progress the SS genialmagiciangaz.png Genial Magician storylet.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight.png The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight[]

Location description[]

On deck, you can hear the sound that a thousand bandaged dead make as they shuffle and cough. It's something like the world's most restless concert audience, or the world's most plague-ridden cathedral.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Visit a certain little restaurant

Fine cuisine in Venderbight? Now that would be something.

A corkscrewed street

At the twisty tip of an odd little side-street, welcoming yellow light glows from the gilt-lettered windows of a restaurant. A sign reads VENGEANCE OF JONAH.

A beefy tomb-colonist bustles up. A grey moustache pokes impertinently out from under his bandages. “Come in, come in!”

A dusty glass of wine

Venderbight is not the most promising place for shore leave. Too much decay. Too little light. Too many bandaged walking corpses. Few companions of easy virtue. No cinnamon, no recent newspapers, very little pickled cave-herring.

Better than nothing

Your crew swagger carefully back to the ship, mustering what muted boasts they may. At least no one has been arrested or unexpectedly married.

Explore Venderbight

Here, they favour candle-light over gas-light. The shadows are swagged like cobwebs. The tomb-colonists stand still enough to be mistaken for sculpture, until they laugh or cough. One building in three seems abandoned.

An uneventful afternoon

You wander the echoing streets, alone. From time to time, the sensation of being watched comes upon you: but each time when you halt, you hear no other's footsteps.

Nothing eventful, only eery. But when you return to the quayside, someone has left an odd, bulky box for you. There is no bill of lading, but the name of your ship is attached to a tag.


A tomb-colonist hobbles towards you. “I will not - ” she hissed fiercely. “I will not! Not for me the Sanatorium. Nor the Emergence. I lived. And I will die.”

She draws a sword from her sash. You jump back. Tomb-colonists, fearless and long-experienced, are famed for their duelling skills. She raises the sword, flourishes it, and beheads herself with a triumphant cry. Her head bounces across the ground towards you.

A corkscrewed street At the twisty tip of an odd little side-street, welcoming yellow light glows from the gilt-lettered windows of a restaurant. A sign reads VENGEANCE OF JONAH.

A beefy tomb-colonist bustles up. A grey moustache pokes impertinently out from under his bandages. “Come in, come in!”

A familiar corkscrewed street

Here you are at the Vengeance of Jonah again: your feet, or your nose, has brought you back. The welcoming yellow glow is like the windows of your own home. The terrors of the zee recede, a little.


In an wide space behind the Hollow Temple, you happen across a stepped platform of sorts. Four statues guard it, marked with glyphs all but lost to time and idle vandalism. They look a little like the glyphs that decorate the Echo Bazaar in London, though...

At the heart of the platform is a long-filled well-shaft, too. You poke about briefly, but something in the place makes you uneasy. A frost-moth - the size of a farmer's hand - flutters down to perch on the well's edge. Another. A third. You retreat...

An interlude

You pause for refreshment at the Hungarian Café. The coffee is dusty, and the pastries a little stale, but the gaggle of decaying violin-players are skilled and surprisingly sprightly. They play "Eat Our Hearts, My Darling", "The King is Tall, Tall", and "Pop Goes the Weasel", with brio and conviction. Then they start on "The Old Dark Ocean Under the World", and you realise the time. Your ship awaits you...

A withered garden

Dead fir-trees have carpeted a little park with old brown needles. A little group of tomb-colonists stands around another lying on a bench. Unexpectedly, you find yourself reminded of physicians and midwifes at a birthing-couch. The colonist on the bench - he's old, withered to sticks - groans horribly, though the fir-needles deaden the sound. Something moves in his chest, like a sea-creature surfacing, or a butterfly breaching a cocoon.

The other colonists spot you, and close ranks around him. “Stay back, silkskin,” one hisses. “This is his breaking-out. Your time will come...” There is a kind of rapture in her voice.

An unorthodox technology

Sweeter scents draw you into a shop which sells candles - lilac, lavender, honey. You fall into a discussion of their manufacture with the shop-keeper. "Yes," she says, proudly displaying her missing arm, "we render ourselves to good end. Oh, don't look like that. Our fats are of a finer quality than any other, and we grow tired of our bodies, down here - "

The Lamplighters' Arcade

Here they sell copper jewellery: grimacing little faces and squat rectilinear figures. A tradition from before London, they claim. You part with a few small coins for a cheery-looking thing with an expression like a tipsy bat. Perhaps it will bring you good dreams.

An attack!

You round a darkened corner and start down a broad boulevard lined with grimacing statues. There is a fluttering movement above, and a cloud of frost-moths swoops down upon you! You beat them off with your walking-stick - they are determined, and the largest are the size of zee-bats, but they are fragile. At last they retreat, leaving three of their number melting into water on the pavement. Their wings are marked with patterns that resemble letters. You peer at them, but the script is already dissolving...

Visit the First Curator

ZEE-CAPTAINS: THE FIRST CURATOR GIVES AUDIENCE. The First Curator is responsible for the preservation of the tomb-colonies. It has been here much longer than London, like all the oldest tomb-colonists. But even tomb-colonists dissolve in the end. Its time is close.

Gather gossip

Who's plotting what, out in the tomb-colonies?

Along the coasts of the Unterzee, it's remarkably hard to die. The decrepit and nearly-dead who leave London become tomb-colonists, and settle here in bandaged peace.

But they don't give up their ties to home, or their politics. You gather a haul of complex clues - enough to keep your contacts in London interested.

Sell a shipment of red honey to the Tomb-Colonists

It is hard to look disreputable beneath that many bandages, but this colonist manages it somehow.

The flesh remembers

The colonist barely even haggles when you name your price. You express some small curiosity about his eagerness for the substance. "Just because we do not care about our bodies much now, silkskin," he sniffs dustily, "does not mean it is not nice to remember what they felt like."

Game note: Selling red honey in Venderbight is safer, but less profitable, than in London.
The Last Tour Operator

“Ho, captain! I have one dozen sad and bandaged souls here. They're choosing their final fate. Will you take them on one last diversionary tour? It may be a longish trip. Make sure you have enough supplies.”

They'd like to go to Shepherd's Wash

"Shepherd's Wash, first! And two other destinations after that. Bring them all back, and I'll remunerate you lavishly."

The Operator leans in and whispers: "Honestly, I don't mind if you bring back a different set entirely. Bandages are very forgiving. But a full dozen, please."

Game note: This will replace 12 Supplies with 12 Tomb-Colonists, who you'll need to take to three destinations in the Unterzee. Mouse over your Objective: Tomb-Colonists quality to learn the destination for each visit.
Rare event (50%)
They'd like to go to the Corsair's Forest

"Gaider's Mourn in the Corsair's Forest, first! And two other destinations after that. Bring them all back, and I'll remunerate you lavishly."

The Operator leans in and whispers: "Honestly, I don't mind if you bring back a different set entirely. Bandages are very forgiving. But a full dozen, please."

The End of the Tour: a Full Complement

The Last Tour Operator hails you delightedly. "You didn't lose a one! That's never happened before!" There is a chorus of surprised protest from the colonists on deck. "Oh, shut up!" she snaps. "You're all here, aren't you? Right, last instalments, please, so I can pay the nice captain."

One by one

The colonists troop down the gang-plank, chattering excitedly. The Operator leans close. "They're cheery now. Oh, that won't last. Next week they'll be off to the Surface, or the Grand Sanatorium. Or they'll give in to the Change. But you've done this for them. Given them a little window of peace. And me, you've earnt a whole pocketful of peace. So here's your share. And something extra."

The End of the Tour: What Remains

The Operator hails you warily. "Is this all? What happened to the rest of them?"

At last

The Operator ticks the remaining colonists off on her list. "Well, close enough, I suppose. Here's your fee. And they seem cheerful enough. Perhaps we won't lose all of them to the moths, or to the Sanatoria." She leans in. Her breath is scented with mushroom wine. "Venderbight is worse than you know. And now you know it."

The End of the Tour: I Alone Was Saved

The Operator waves to your single remaining tomb-colonist. The colonist, hesitantly, waves back. There is a difficult pause.

A solitary departure

The colonist staggers down the plank. The Last Tour Operator begins to speak: the colonist signals for silence. He clutches at his chest. He writhes in pain or pleasure. A flurry of ice-white moths bursts forth, like a magician's trick! They disperse into the air, leaving a tangle of ivory bandages empty on the quay.

All around, the citizens of Venderbight whisper and giggle, as if they'd seen a bride kiss her husband too passionately at a wedding.

"You can't take them anywhere," the Operator remarks. "Here's your money."

The Tour: How Embarrassing

The Last Tour Operator leans on the dockside wall, picking her teeth. "You're a little light," she remarks.

Apologies? Excuses?

"Well," she says, "at least they paid half in advance. I'm not going to ask what you did with them. I know how easy it can be to mislay passengers. But I'm not sure I'd choose to do business with you again." She frowns over her cracked spectacles at you. "I sincerely hope you haven't eaten anyone. One hears stories."

Inspire wanderlust

Did you find the Last Tour lucrative? Or do you have another use for tomb-colonists? Share tales of the wonders you've seen across the zee, and perhaps they'll rouse themselves for another go.

A happy Operator

"I do appreciate your efforts, Captain. Here's a small token of that appreciation. Let's not acknowledge each other publicly, though. I would like our passengers to think of you as a wild and romantic zee-dog; not as a charter-captain."

Game note: This will allow you to begin the Last Tour storyline again.
Put a blemmigan ashore

That'll liven things up.

Yes: it livens things up

A shriek! Your blemmigan has run up a colonist's leg. Inside their leg, by the sounds of it. Some of them are hollow as drums. Well, no doubt they can both take care of themselves. Tiptoe away.

Search for the Last Constable

There is whispering among the bandaged denizens of Venderbight: white carriages are visiting an abandoned storehouse. Maybe the Constable is looking into that?

Failed event Game note: Check your journal to be reminded of where the Last Constable might be!

Nothing but the newly dead

Inside the storehouse, you find coffins propped against the walls, and laid across the floor. You pry one open, cracking the half-rotten wood: an immaculately dressed corpse frowns within. It tries not to stir. You open another, and another: until, one gently takes you by the wrist. "We cannot die truly here; but some of us would like to pretend. Won't you leave us in peace?"

Successful event
You are not alone

Some tomb-colonists, longing for peace, climb into coffins and swear never to stir. The storehouse is a faux-mausoleum. You watch furtive, bandaged figures slip inside. Peering through the half-rotten timber, you see them prise open the coffins laid within, and rob the pretend-dead of their jewels and silks.

That is, at least, until they gather around a black coffin, festooned with ribbons. "Cor! Look at that little treasure there on 'er finger," says one. "Come here, you - ah!" A truncheon swings out of the coffin, cracking his crown. The other two scatter, as a woman leaps out of the black coffin, like a sleeper from a nightmare, and chases them down. This must be the Constable.",

Someone trying to get your attention

One of the Tomb Colonists takes an obvious interest in your crew, specifically the Cladery Heir.


The Tomb Colonist draws you a little way away from the Cladery Heir. "Don't tell her you met me," he says, in hoarse rasp. "Her mother cut my voice. Hoped to fix it so I wouldn't be able to look for my daughter. So I wouldn't want to." He wheezes. "Didn't work. Operations never... completely effective. Need to know my daughter's well. Happy. Finding enough patients. Getting enough to eat and so forth."

In exchange for the simplest news, he explains himself: "I'm her father," he says. "Ordinary engineer. Not the sort of parent she would want."

Game note: If you wish to tell the Heir about this encounter, you can do so by speaking with her.

Find ancient captains to speak to the Unsettled Salvager

It shouldn't be too hard. What else have they got to do around here but moulder?

Terrible bad luck

An assortment of decrepit zee captains gathers around her, compelled by tradition, honour or boredom. She picks her nails, and closes her eyes when at last she speaks: "I want to find Lady Black."

The captains that can run, do. The rest shuffle away as swiftly as they're able. Only one remains behind. "How long were you down there?" he asks. "Twenty minutes," she replies. The captain puts his hand on her shoulder. "Seek the House of the Keel in Polythreme," he says. "But if you can forget her, do. It's possible." He embraces her and departs.

A weak call for help

An emaciated man is slumped against a wall of the docks, sitting on a huge crate. He waves weakly at you.

Available interactions[]

SS Interactions The Vengeance of Jonah.png The Vengeance of Jonah[]

See the The Vengeance of Jonah page.

This interaction becomes available when you are docked in Venderbight and have the following:

SS Interactions A fellow captain's compassion.png A fellow captain's compassion[]

See the A fellow captain's compassion page.

This interaction becomes available when you are docked in Venderbight and have the following:

SS Interactions Provide what you have promised.png Provide what you have promised[]

See the Provide what you have promised page.

This interaction becomes available when you are docked in Venderbight and have the following:

Triggered events[]

SS tombcolonistgaz.png The Trouble with Tomb-Colonists[]

The Trouble with Tomb-Colonists
SS tombcolonistgaz.png
Category Story Event
Type Story
Linked to SS venderbightgaz.png Venderbight

SS coffin2small.png Tomb-Colonist
Data ID 169785

You've brought this decaying emigrant north. Now what?

This event is triggered when you dock in SS venderbightgaz.png Venderbight and have the following:


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Watch carefully

Something is happening to the man in the bandages. He sighs. He groans. He clutches his chest.

A soft explosion

His bandages burst! Frost-moths clamber from the tatters. Nothing of him remains. The frost-moths - icy wings shining - take to the air, spiral, dissipate, are gone.

He won't pay his passage now. At least he's left his belongings for sale.

    ( You brought a tomb-colonist to Venderbight, only for them to dissolve )

Help out an immigrant

Your tomb-colonist passenger yanks off her bandages. She looks remarkably healthy for a tomb-colonist. "I'm not as dead as I look," she confesses. "And I won't get ashore without your help. Yes, the Constables are looking for me back home. Is that a problem?"

Muffled oars

You slip your furtive passenger past the Skin-Check Post and the Confirmation of Consolation. "Thanks, cap'n," she remarks casually. "Let me teach you a couple of tricks. Just in case you do this again. And here's a little hush-money."

    ( You brought a criminal to Venderbight, and assisted her )

Make no promise of discretion

Keep your nose clean. You'll drop her off at the dock, as you promised, and after that, it's her problem.


She grumbles and struggles, but you force her ashore. The bandaged figures on the dock watch the proceedings with interest. She doesn't pass the Skin-Check. Her possesions are forfeited: half of them fall due to you. "You'll be sorry!" she yells as the tomb-colonists drag her away.

    ( You brought a criminal to Venderbight, but let the authorities pick her up )

Days of Shrooms and Roses

The new tomb-colonist surveys Venderbight, shaking her head. "It won't do," she says. "It won't do at all."

A plan!

"I had no idea the place would be quite so unprepossessing. Perhaps we can liven it up a little, yet. If only I knew a helpful zee-captain..."

Game note: Bring ten units of Mushroom Wine to Venderbight, and perhaps they'll have something for you.
One Last Fight

Your passenger has been drinking. "Ahoy!" she chortles. "Defend yourself!" She launches a tipsy assault. Your crew hang back, chuckling. Thanks, crew.

Failed event
A defeat!

Drunk as she is, her skills are formidable. "I was carving men up," she informs you, "when you were still in the cradle." She flips your weapon over the side, embraces you, and staggers off down the gang-plank, gone for good. Your pride is hurt, and your ribs and head ache abominably. All these things are valuable lessons.

    ( You brought a tomb-colonist to Venderbight, and they rudely assaulted you )

Successful event
An effortless defence

Tomb-colonists have a life-time of bitter experience. Some of them are the deadliest combatants under the earth. Possibly this one is, when she hasn't drunk quite so much rum. You'll never know. She salutes you, laughing, after you disarm her. "Good fight!" she opines. Then she staggers backwards and falls over the side.

You never do find what happened to her. But at least you have her rather magnificent cavalry sabre, and her belongings.

    ( You brought a tomb-colonist to Venderbight, and defeated them in an unexpected duel )

The New Jonah

Your passenger stands sombrely by the rail. "Salt sent me a dream," she insists. "You must find my father."

A fisherman's tale

"Salt tells me that you'll find my father in the belly of a monstrous eel. Gods never lie."

Gods never lie? That seems optimistic. But if she's right, she'll reward you for her father's return.

    ( Open a monstrous eel )

An Absent Friend

"It is everything I imagined!" he tells you breathlessly. "But there's someone missing. Please - bring her to me."

A vague commission

"She went off to the Mangrove College. She needed to get out of London. But Venderbight is just as safe as the College. And I'll wager she's bored of mud by now."

    ( Bring a Shady Sort to Venderbight from the Mangrove College )

Game note: Look for the Shady Sort in the Mangrove College, somewhere in the south of the Unterzee.
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