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Visage (Map)
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Visage (Gazetteer)
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Located in Stamford's Expanse
Ports Kapalka Cove
Shops No
Shipyard No
Data ID 143376

Visage is an island carved with a giant stone face. The port is called Kapalka Cove. The island is inspired by the short story "The Moon Moth" by Jack Vance.

Port description[]

"Hide your face! Hide all your faces."


All visitors and inhabitants of Visage must go masked. Lore from other parts of Sunless Sea suggests that the island has something to do with Snuffers. The death of a Jillyfleur also produces the appearance of a face described as "very like" the face of Visage.

Port interactions[]

SS Interactions Visage.png Visage[]

"This is the port of Visage, where faces may not be naked. Except one: a stone monument the size of a village church, serenely gazing upwards. Flourishing-of-Years."


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
SS bazaardoor teethsmall.png Go ashore

Inward and upward.


“All those who enter must play their parts.” The sign is visible only after you've crossed the threshold.

Game note: Once you set foot on Visage, you may be here for a little while.

Create a Port Report

You can at least interview those who are leaving.

That will have to do

A departing merchant gives you a confused account of crocodiles and honey-cakes and something about... ear blockage?

To this you add your own impressions about the street layout close to port and the types of commerce here. When the lights are especially bright, it is possible to make out the details of the profile of that great stone face.

Put a blemmigan ashore

The blemmigan wraps its tendrils around your fingers, buries its fleshy dome in your palm. What does it want?

An apt shelter

The blemmigan is oddly shy; it sidles onto the quay with obvious reluctance. It puts on a burst of speed to hide under a damaged, discarded mask - resting in a refuse heap with fish heads and broken tackle. The bulging-eyed shell gives it confidence - if not grace: it departs at speed, bouncing into a buoy waiting for repairs, recoiling off an unused engine.

SS chap8gaz.png A Wandering Parson

He glances nervously back at the face in the hill, but his handshake is strong.

Story Events[]

These events are triggered through port interactions

SS visage portgaz.png Ashore in Visage[]

View the Ashore in Visage page.

Event Description[]

On the lower slopes: stone buildings, flat roofs, archways. In the architecture there lingers a memory of lotus and palm frond. The hill above is a face, forever looking up at the ceiling of the Unterzee. No one inhabits its cheeks or the hollows of its eyes.

SS chap8gaz.png A Wandering Parson at Visage[]

Event Description[]

He seeks passage to the church of Low Barnet, beneath the Zee just outside London. His suit is well-tailored for an itinerant preacher. His cufflinks wink with sapphires.


Once the player agrees to transport the SS chap8gaz.png Low Barnet: Wandering Parson, travel to SS lowbarnetsmall.png Low Barnet to continue his story.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
SS echosmall.pngOffer passage for money

Even men of the cloth take up cargo space.

A ready fare

“Of course. You have your running expenses, Addressed As. I'll be no trouble. I'm studying the religions of the Unterzee. By extracting the most admirable elements of each, I mean to construct a modern, superior faith. For the spiritual nourishment of my congregation, of course.” His cufflinks gleam.

Thoughtfully, he pays his fare in advance.

SS quillsmall.pngOffer passage for knowledge

People like to confide in parsons. What can he confide in you?

A small confession

“Ah.” He gives a knowing smile. “You travel to learn as well as to trade, Addressed As. I myself am studying the religions of the Unterzee. By extracting the most admirable elements of each, I mean to construct a modern, superior faith. I understand the value - the spiritual value, of course - of hidden knowledge.”

Once on board, he insists you find a quiet cabin, and whispers one of the secrets he's learned in your ear. Now, that is interesting.

SS mercyhandsmall.png Offer passage for a blessing

You may regard him with a sceptical eye. But zailors appreciate a bit of ceremony.

Divine confidence

He smiles. “I must be honest with you, Addressed As. My clerical qualifications are... in progress. I am studying the religions of the Unterzee to construct a new faith. But I think I am adept at the basics. Please gather your crew.”

He conducts his "blessing" on deck. It seems improvised. But his manner remains earnest, and the ritual has the desired effect.

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