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Type Auxiliary (Ship equipment)
Effects -3 x Quarters

+5 x Iron

+250 x Engine Power

Price 300 x Echo (Buy) at Temple of Labours

150 x Echo (Sell) at Temple of Labours

300 x Echo (Sell) at Caminus Yards

Data ID 116007

WE ARE CLAY is a Ship equipment item that equips to Auxiliary. It can be sold at London shops.

Item description[]


Game note: This trio of Clay stokers will reduce crew requirements, but also crew capacity, and will slightly increase engine power. They are fitted to an Auxiliary slot. When they are not in use, they will stand, patiently, hands by their sides, flat grey eyes unreadable. One will say, sometimes: "I LIKE IT WHEN IT IS QUIET."


Because the amount of crew members your ship requires in order to be able to travel at full speed is always half of the ship's maximum crew (rounded up), reducing the maximum crew by equipping WE ARE CLAY will also reduce the minimum required crew for full speed.

For example: a Maenad-Class Frigate normally has 25 crew capacity, so it requires at least 13 of 25 crew for full speed. If WE ARE CLAY is equipped, the Frigate would only have 22 quarters, and would only require 11 of 22 crew for full speed.

Be aware that if you're at or near your maximum Crew when you equip WE ARE CLAY, any extraneous Crew will be lost permanently without any warning.

Interestingly, a Lampad-class Cutter (or even Stymphalos-class Steam Launch) with WE ARE CLAY equipped could travel at full speed with only one crew, making it much easier to venture South or North.

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