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Who were you?
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Category Story Event
Type Misc
Linked to Character creation
Data ID 125090

Who were you? is a Sunless Sea Story Event.

Picking any action will give you an Officer. These officers are only available now, you can't recruit them throughout the game, pick carefully.

Trigger conditions[]

Who were you? is triggered if you do the Choose a Past action in the SS buoygaz.png Captain's Making event and have the following:

Story description[]

Now you're a captain: now you belong to the Unterzee. But who were you, before?


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
A street urchin!

Your urchin-gang cast you out when you grew too tall. You took to sea rather than graduate to larger crimes. That last big score was enough to buy a ship.

Game note: This will give you a bonus to Veils, the skill of subtlety and evasion.

    Low cunning on the high seas

    Your friend, another longshanks, knows a little of gunnery. Only a little, but she can help.

    Game note: Talk to her to find out why she went to zee.

    A poet!

    Educated and articulate, you seek sensation at sea. How lucky you had a legacy to spend. Your long-vanished father had a rich patron, it seems.

    Game note: This will give you a bonus to Pages, the skill of trickery and knowledge.

    A wise soul

    Experience? You have intuition! And your friend, the Sly Navigator. He's a little vague, but he probably knows what he's doing. Perhaps you can find someone better, eventually.

    Game note: Talk to the Navigator to find out why he went to zee.

    This has been changed to account for the new legacy (An Adumbration of Her Heart, +10 pages for new captains) which would otherwise cause problems for poets (assuming that The Horizon Codex is also in play).
    Veteran of the Campaign of '68

    You fought in the invasion of Hell. London's armies lost. You survived. Your loot and your pension have bought you a command.

    Game note: This will give you a bonus to Iron, the skill of causing direct damage.

      Stern and exacting

      They will not trifle with you. You promised a job to your acquaintance, the Shady Cook: he'll do until you find someone less disgusting.

      Game note: Talk to him to find out why he went to zee.

      An ordained priest

      You fell from grace. There is nothing left ashore for you. An anonymous benefactor has found this way out for you. Perhaps, at zee, you can overcome your appetites.

      Game note: This will give you a bonus to Hearts, the skill of healing and morale.

        You know an engineer who doesn't have much time left. She'd like to die at sea.

        Game note: Talk to her to find out if she'd like to die anywhere in particular.

        A natural philosopher

        Your peculiar theories on time, blood and starlight brought you down to the Neath, the cavern where London lies... and now they take you out to zee.

        Game note: This will give you a bonus to Mirrors, the skill of detection and perception.

          Your acquaintance, the Plausible Surgeon, will serve as ship's doctor: until you find someone better.

          Game note: Talk to him to find out why he went to zee.

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