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Wisdom (Map)
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Wisdom (Gazetteer)
SS Locations Wisdom.png
Located in Sea of Lilies
Ports Nuppmidt Harbour
Shops SS sailorsmall.png Harbour Provisioners
Shipyard No
Data ID 254844

The prison walls are mercilessly steep.

Wisdom is a floating prison surrounded by masses of incongruous lilypads. Are the scarlet lily-frogs neighbors or prison guards? It's hard to tell.

Wisdom was completed in the Diamond release. The port is called Nuppmiddt Harbour.

Port interactions[]

SS seaoflilies portsmall.png Wisdom[]

Nuppmiddt built this place as a prison for the Khanate. Now it answers only to its Governor, and its Governor answers to no one.

Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Compile a Port Report

Watch the comings and goings.

Not so many goings

Ships from the Khanate are most common, but you see Chelonite vessels, Polythreme triremes with chained and sulky Unfinished Men, corsairs disposing of their miscreants, even one furtive Iremi skiff. The wardens pay them well for their prisoners.

Hand over a Prisoner

"Oh, no, we'll pay you," the Unctuous Fellow says. "We can always find a use for another pair of hands. We get lonely, you know. Lonely."

What awaits your prisoner?

Someone, somewhere, is screaming. The Unctuous Fellow clucks sadly. "Gruel on Thursdays. Someone really doesn't like gruel."

Is it a Thursday? "I don't know. I lose track. Perhaps, then, the gruel's a little nasty. Thank you for your contribution. Here's your payment. Good day."

Exchange a Secret for a Prisoner

Wisdom has many, many secrets - far more than one might expect them to glean from the prisoners. But a discerning scholar might identify a secret which would tempt even the Governor of the prison.

An audience with the Governor

The Unctuous Fellow listens closely to your promises. At last he leads you into the heart of Wisdom, through five gates with locks of brass and iron, to the Governor's office.

The Governor sits rigid in a high-backed chair. His manner of dress is Khaganian; his face is concealed behind a smooth mask. He coughs frequently as you detail your Enigma, raising his gloved hand to his mouth. The room smells of mould and bat-guano.

"That's (cough) enough," he says at last. "Choose your prisoner."

Game note: This is unlikely to be profitable, unless you have someone specific in mind.

This is actually very profitable, as you get your Searing Enigma back when you free a Shady Sort in the triggered event, and you can repeat this infinite times. That is, of course, if you can meet the huge Pages requirement.

Ransom a Prisoner

Wisdom will release prisoners, on payment of an eye-wateringly high redemption fee. It's not entirely clear whether this constitutes bribery, or a legal instance of Khaganian mercy.

    SS Hearts.png Hearts challenge (292 for 100%)

    SS Echo.png Echo ≥ 3000

Failed event

Game note: This is unlikely to be profitable, unless you have someone specific in mind.

Failure will also give you the prisoner, but with Success you'll get a 1000 echoes discount and a small terror reduction.

"Oh, thank you. Thank you so much."

The Unctuous Fellow counts your Echoes lovingly into a brass-bound box, which he locks with a little key, which he places in a much grander box, which he locks with a much grander key. His delight in this process so overwhelms him that he almost forgets to give you your prisoner.

Successful event
"Oh, go on. I'm sure you'll bring me a replacement, some day."

He is convivial, the Unctuous Fellow. He convives to the extent of a half-bottle of Greyfields First Sporing (a good thing you'd kept it for a special occasion). You have a pleasant chat about zee-weather and the loneliness of life out here in the Sea of Lilies; and he generously discounts the fee.

Rescue a Prisoner

Scale the walls. Enter through the outflow pipes. Evade the guards. Secure your rescuee without raising any alarms. Don't get eaten by giant toads.

Game note: You'll only get one chance at this. It is unlikely to be profitable, unless you have someone specific in mind.

Failed event Game note: Further rescue attempts are impossible.

Unlike the Hearts challenge this will not free the prisoner in case of Failure. That, along with extremely high difficulty and the Terror and Crew penalties makes this option probably not even worth trying.


You make it up the prison walls, through the pipe, and straight into a cistern. The splashing attracts guards. Their guns wreak havoc before you escape. The pipe-grating is repaired that same night.

Successful event

Up the walls, in the gaps between the search-lights. Into the outflow pipe, where the arm-thick bars have rusted enough for you to saw through. Down the corridors in silence, beneath bare light bulbs, past the cells where prisoners plead. One crew-member does, in fact, fall out of the pipe on his return, straight into the mouth of a knot-oracle. It munches him ruminatively while his twitching leg protrudes - rather like a farmer chewing an interesting straw. Unpleasant.

Still, all things considered, it went rather well. It won't work a second time, though. They're already walling up the pipe.

Let the Shady Cook go ashore

"Worracoovaprisnz," he says dangerously. "Lemmesithertow!"

A warm welcome

"Oh, yes," the Unctuous Fellow assures you. "We value enthusiasm over... formal qualifications. The knot-oracles are always hungry, but they are also delicate in their tastes. Their - meals - must be prepared assiduously."

"I understand this fellow is indentured to you? Well, we have collected tremendous stores of knowledge from the oracles. Tremendous. Let me give you some of my notes. And we will of course replenish your stores. Thank you so much."

The Cook darts eagerly into the prison as soon as the doors are opened. He doesn't even say goodbye.

Put a blemmigan ashore

High, smooth walls with no obvious cracks or tendril-holds. Outflow pipes guarded by the zee. If the blemmigan can break in, its talents are wasted on mere propagation.

Not the approach you expected

The blemmigan stands at the gate and gives out a continuous noise, just on the edge of hearing. That's annoying. Really annoying. Just stop, will you? Oh, get back on the ship - they're clearly not letting you in.

Throw away the Sprightly Visionary's letter

He'll not be receiving any help from you.

Not the approach you expected

You crumple the paper into a ball and throw it into the zee. Languid apocyanic waves carry it away from your ship. A knot-oracle lazily blinks its many eyes; in that half-second, its tongue tongue shoots outward, and snaps up the message.

Unmask the Governor and present the summons to Hideaway

The Governor is a ferocious, feared man. Do you dare honour the Sprightly Visionary's request?

When you pass through the last gate of brass and iron, the Governor does not welcome you. He only sits, unmoving. You approach; he raises a hand - you leap to his desk, and rip off his mask.

Hullo! You've seen his scarred face elsewhere - Polythreme has a high bounty on his head, after he captured their vessels long ago, and led them to their doom in some forgotten escapade. The Governor roars, and pulls a pistol from beneath his desk; before he can fire, you relate the Sprightly Visionary's orders. He stands, knocking over his high-back chair. "I will begin gathering my men at once!" He bows deeply.

Triggered events[]

SS Wisdom whom have you freed.png Wisdom: whom have you freed?[]

Wisdom: whom have you freed?
SS Wisdom whom have you freed.png
Linked to SS seaoflilies portsmall.png Wisdom
Data ID 181204


You've rescued a prisoner from the terrible fastness of Wisdom.

Trigger Conditions[]

This event triggers when you dock in SS seaoflilies portsmall.png Wisdom and do one of the following actions:

    Exchange a Secret for a Prisoner

    Ransom a Prisoner

    Rescue a Prisoner (if successful)


Interaction Unlocked by Effects Notes
Some Poor Soul

You broke in here at random, or as part of your own complex schemes. You've rescued some sort of rather genteel pirate, apparently.

"Thank you!"

“I was at the top of the list for the oracles' dinner. They can't speak in human language unless they're fed human life - and if they can't speak in human language, the Governor can't trade the secrets, can she, now?”

“Thank you. I didn't want to end my life in a knot-oracle's gullet. If you take me to the Corsair's Forest, I'll give you what reward I can. But this may interest you more. Something I overheard when the oracles last feasted - ”

The Unsettling Sage

This is the man you came here for. Is he a man? There's something peculiar about the line of his jaw - the shape of his eyes. But he's grateful to see you.

"You have my graatitude."

"Those knot-oracles, pheh! They would haave choked on me. But it would haave done me little good. I would be gently digesting now, were it not for you. I see you haave my friend with you. We aare going to do greaat work, yes, my friend? Perhaps the Great Work. We shall waake those forces. Do you haave the paattern? I caan haardly wait."

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