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Wistful Deviless
Wistful Deviless
Position Gunnery Officer

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Wistful Deviless is a potential Gunnery Officer crew member.

Character description[]

"She knows the uses of fire. But she's not cut out for the zee. Take her to London, and the Brass Embassy."


The Wistful Deviless will join you once you complete the Encounters with the Wistful Deviless in Mount Palmerston.

Once you deliver her to London, you will lose the Wistful Deviless as your Officer.


Speak to the Wistful Deviless[]

She slouches unhappily by the rail. The zee-air doesn't suit her. "It smells clean," she complains.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Invite her to supper in your quarters
Devils make interesting, if perilous, conversationalists.

She complains that you have only human spirits, not the cloying poisonous stuff that devils favour, but she drinks it liberally regardless. She seems more wistful than usual: regretting her departure from Mount Palmerston, or nervous about what lies ahead? Finally you realise that she's drunk. She's saying something about the old days -

"... we built our hives on the edge of dream," she slurs, "while men were monkeys still. Monkey-souls are poor unripe things - like this wine of yours - but they serve as consolation. I require consolation, Addressed As. I do."

She looks directly into your eyes. "You're very pretty," she says. Then she falls face-down in the remains of her chops and stewed mushrooms, and begins to snore. By the time you call assistance to have her taken back to her cabin, her drool has badly charred the table-top, and the room stinks of charred varnish.

Invite her to supper in your quarters
Devils make interesting, if perilous, conversationalists.
"Er... I'm busy..."

She brushes past you and is gone. Was she embarrassed? Does that happen with devils?

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