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Wrack (Map)
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Wrack (Gazetteer)
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Located in Stonesoul Isles
Ports Wrack
Shops Hull-Harvest.png Hull-harvest

Shipyard None

Wrack is an arbour of shipwrecks, where the flesh of kelp brings intoxication.

Port description[]

Ships lured by false promises and lights litter the zee-floor. Their broken hulls make a city for the wreckers. The citizens are in constant motion, working to survive and appease the Fair King, who sits deep within the city on his wheeled throne.

Wrack: Earn your Entry[]

The wreckers surround your docked zubmarine. They greet you with crooked blades and rusted blunderbusses. "Easy, Trespasser. You want in, you prove you belong here."

This event is triggered by docking in Wrack for the first time.

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Tell of your exploits

Impress them with tales of your daring! Or at least make yourself the hero of a violent story you overheard.

Natural born storyteller

Your words are like hooks in their ears. The violence drags them where you will. By the end, they've sheepishly lowered their weapons - before raising them again in great cheer, sounding like the thundering of cannon fire. "D__n fine, Trespasser! Welcome to Wrack!"

Wrestle them

That's right. All of them.

    SS ironsmall.png Iron challenge (125 for 100%)

Failed event Game note: This could go badly.

A collection of styles

You launch headlong into the crowd, taking a sinewy scavenger and two of the fellows behind her down into the floor. You leap onto a cruel pack of poets who curse you in Greek! Flip a miner who rushes at you with a hooked knife! But the zailor who screams the Assyrian war cry puts you in a headlock and throws you back onto your zubmarine. The wreckers roar with laughter. "You've got to show us better than that!"

Successful event
You launch headlong into the crowd, taking a sinewy scavenger and two of the fellows behind her down into the floor. You leap onto a cruel pack of poets who curse you in Greek! Flip a miner who rushes at you with a hooked knife! Headlock a zailor who screams an ancient Assyrian war cry!

One catches you from behind in a hug. She laughs in your ear. The rest of the wreckers raise their weapons, and cheer: "D__n fine, Trespasser! Welcome to Wrack!"



Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Search for the Fierce Philanthropist's husband

Did he seek the Fair King's protection?

Failed event Game note: Check your journal for reminders about where the Philanthropist's husband might be.

No luck

Your enquiries are exhaustive - the Philanthropist's husband is not here. You can cross this port off your list.

Successful event
A promising lead!

A Wistful Wrecker confirms your suspicions: Lytton was here, but only briefly. He lost himself in Wrackweed for a time, before finding passage to Low Barnet, nestled at the feet of London.

Buy an audience with the Fair King

The wreckers fear and adore their King. With the right offering, you may be able to meet him.

Sometimes, it happens in this way:

The rusted walls behind him are draped with two banners made of the tattooed flesh of his amputated legs. He is admiring the scintillack through a jeweller's lens as you enter.

"We are pleased. Tell me," he says, looking at you, "How would you... good God." He wheels toward you. His voice is hoarse. "We are not strangers, you and I. Taste the tether and see for yourself."

Go Wrecking!

If you can lure ships toward Wrack, the wreckers may sink them. The King himself will reward you.

"Right then, Trespasser. We've heard fine things about some captains in Wrack: New Prey for the Wreckers - why don't you go there and convince them to come our way?"
Rare event (50%)
"A little jillyfleur tells me that there's someone you should speak to in Wrack: New Prey for the Wreckers, Trespasser. Why not make a friend, and send them over this way?"
Eavesdrop on the Wreckers

Learn where they are operating. Maybe you can warn the ports for the sake of goodness and profit.

"Do you really think she can convince the b____rs to zail our way?"

"Of course. They're fools up in Wrack: A City with Ships to Save, and she's one of our best talkers. She'll find a nice captain with lots of cargo..."

Rare event (50%)
A miner hangs on the arm of a poet. "That's your best work yet! No one could resist!"

The poet shrugs. "Its success all depends on the talker. And the audience. But they're pretty receptive in Wrack: A City with Ships to Save, aren't they? I'm sure we'll have another one sink over Wrack in a week."

Visit the Royal Hull

The Fair King is always glad to see you.

The wreckers look on you with a quiet awe. They whisper as you pass. "...tethered to the King!"
Taste the tether

There is a weed that grows on the broken ships: to taste it is a privilege reserved for succesful wreckers.

Within the rusting innards of a broken battle ship, the Wreckers keep the tether. It is guarded by heavy bulwarks and priests capable of launching cannonballs across a room with their bare hands. It is the glory of Wrack.
Provide for a Disgraced Tether-Priest, so he may provide for you

There is a gluttonous priest the wreckers avoid, who lost his ability to experience tether after carelessly letting it touch his hand. Now, he goes to debasing lengths to experience another vision.

Blue skies

It is not difficult to find a private cabin; the wreckers avoid him already. When you present him the honey, he snatches it from your hands and slurps it down. He crumbles onto the floor, eyes glazing, his voracious bites turning into stupid nibbles. A jarful of tether rolls out of his robe pocket right before he vanishes bodily.

Compile a Port Report

The Admiralty would be very interested in the wreckers' activities.

The wreckers know their duties. The poets write enticing lies; talkers travel to other ports to spread them; miners construct the devices which'll sink the lured ships; and salvagers strip them bare.

The most celebrated of the wreckers wear no special costume, but are easily identified. They mumble poems in Arabic to themselves. They whistle lively tunes in new scales. They wear heavy gloves and carry silver clippers with which to cultivate tether.

Put a blemmigan ashore

Outside the wrecks, botanical life seems to flourish. Certainly mycological life stands a chance inside.


The blemmigan seems to totter down the hall. It pauses before a damp, stinking patch of sawdust, to write a couplet in the detritus. Yes, it will certainly be at home here.

Consider the state of the city

The wreckers look sallow.

Stores are running low. There is enough food to subsist for a time, but the poets may soon be out of paper, and the miners won't be able to make their explosives if their powder isn't refreshed.

But the Fair King ensures there is order. He goes without, just as his subjects do. And he sees that those who forsake their work for despair are flogged.

Game note: Visit the Shops tab.

Consider the state of the city

The wreckers are looking flush!

They have done well! Supplies have floated from the broken ships like manna from Heaven. The city is bigger too, with the new wrecks added to it. The King has given one of the new hulls a name in Gaelic. Few understand the meaning, but everyone is sure it was selected in your honour. Game note: Visit the Shops tab.

Follow an echo through the hulls

Many wreckers sing; but none quite like this.

"Careful, Trespasser," a wrecker warns as you approach. "He escaped from Dahut. Mind your manners, or you might lose an ear."
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