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Your Lodgings
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Category Story Event
Type Story
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Your Lodgings is a Sunless Sea Story Event. Your Lodgings is where you read your correspondence, rest and, eventually, retire. It is located in London.

Location description[]

Here you may catch up with your correspondence, rest, or retire altogether from sea-faring life. The better your Lodgings, the better the quality of your retirement. Naturally.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Read the morning papers

The Unexpurgated Gazette, the Magazine Formerly Known as the London Magazine, the Spiteful Trumpeter. News.

News from home

The Echo Bazaar, that enigmatic marketplace, has increased its tax on love stories. The Traitor Empress has forbidden singing in the street outside her palace. The anarchists of the Calendar Council have inexplicably dynamited a drinking-fountain. The Ministry of Public Decency has located and destroyed a nest of gallblighter wasps...

Rare event (50%)
News from abroad

The Khanate is threatening war. (They always are.) London's colonies on the Carnelian Coast want independence. (They always do.) The Unterzee, the papers report, has undergone another Alteration. (Not yet it hasn't: you'd know.) Oho! A promotional coupon from Mrs Plenty's Provisioners for a half-cask of salt herring. You could use that.

Visit your Study

A private sanctuary.

Game note: Once your Lodgings are large enough to support a study, you can create items, such as an Ironclad Will, a Whispering Trophy-Case, or the Zong of the Zee.
See your Child

Where is the little creature?

See Trouble, and romance.
Time with your Family

Your sweetheart comes and goes. They have their own, complicated business. But they always return to your shared home, and your child.

Rest in a Room Above the Blind Helmsman

If you don't have the Echoes to go out roistering, best stay at home.

The rats keep you awake of nights with their muttering and skirmishing, but the bed is warm and the door has a lock...

Game note: This will reduce your Terror, heal a Wound, and give you a Restful Night.
Purchase an Elegant Townhouse

A good address on Hollow Street. It won't be cheap.

Zailors' service

You have your crew cart your things from the Blind Helmsman to your new address. If anyone respectable calls, they'll pass as servants.

Game note: Resting is now more expensive, but more effective.
Rest in your Elegant Townhouse

A pleasant interlude.

Sleep early, rise late

Take the air in Tyrant's Gardens. Take coffee at Caligula's Coffee House. Take advantage of a zee-captain's reputation. You could get used to this.

Game note: Resting here will reduce your Terror, heal two Wounds, and give you two Restful Nights.
Sell your Townhouse

Times are hard. Perhaps you should return to a simpler life.

A lesson in humility

Penstock's Land Agency processes the paperwork and remits you your payment. A room at the Blind Helmsman awaits. It smells like onions.
Game note: This will sell your Townhouse: after moving expenses and fees, you'll be 500 Echoes richer. You must also sell off any Heirlooms first.
Purchase a Zeeside Mansion

Something up by the Prickfinger Wastes, but not too near the Carnival. Something with a view.

Grand estate

The mansion has fallen on sad times, but your crew get it ship-shape: painting walls, polishing floors, rousting out the occasional nest of eye-stealing sorrow-spiders.

This will allow you to pass on a greater number of Heirlooms: 16 instead of 12.
Rest in your Zeeside Mansion

The life of quality.

Breakfast in the breakfast-room; lunch on the lawn; dinner at Dante's Grill. Why exactly is it you go to sea again? Oh yes. The bills.
Game note: Resting here is expensive, but effective. It will reduce Terror, heal all Wounds and give you three Restful Nights.
Sell your Mansion

Do you really need a Mansion? You don't have so very many things, do you?

A simpler life

Penstock, the land agent, looks over the Mansion with a gloomy eye. “Roof's going,” he suggests. “But it's a good size, I suppose.”
Game Note: This will sell your Townhouse: after moving expenses and fees, you'll be 7500 Echoes richer. You must have no more than 12 Heirlooms - that's all you can fit in a Townhouse.
Sell off an Heirloom

Yes, yes, it's a piece of history. How much is it worth?

A necessary measure

You've sold it for what it will fetch. Perhaps even for what it's worth.

Game note: You will usually get less than the item was originally worth. Warning! If you die without a Will in place, your next character will not inherit these.
Long-awaited prize money

A letter! 'Addressed As - we have assessed the...dah dah dah... in accordance with the law of the Zee... dah dah dah... pleased to enclose a money-order for...'

Spend it on something nice

From the total value of the prizes you've sent home, the Crown and the Bazaar have deducted prize tax, prize tariffs, running costs, repairs and 'misery surcharge'. Nevertheless, a good sum remains. Spend it in good health.

A neatly wrapped brown paper package

The corners are crisp and tight. The address has been printed in large block letters with scrupulous care. The sender has applied double the necessary number of postage stamps. They must have been very determined it get here. There is no return address.


The wrappings fall away. In a glass case, a stuffed Postal Rat is locked in mortal combat with a preserved blemmigan. The taxidermist's skill is evident: there is tension and fury in each line of their tiny bodies. There is also a note.

"I was charged to deliver this elsewhere, but you did me a service I must repay. If the Bazaar can abandon its duty for a greater cause, so too may I."

You acquire Nuncio: Deliverance in Nuncio at The Inky Blotter
Reconsider Serving Mr Sacks

The Crimson Beast of Winter will not be drawn by a mere glass of sherry and a mince pie. But a lantern in the window may get its attention, if it is still watching.

Triggers event: SS sacksgaz.png A Visit from Mr Sacks Restarts the Mr Sacks event if you refused to help it earlier.
The Incarnadine Robe of Mr Sacks

It sits on your chair. This has possibilities.


Londoners give generously to Mr Sacks. Is it really that time of the year, some of them ask; but a shake of the sack is all that it takes to convince them it is better to give than to receive the Crimson's Beast of Winter's displeasure. You return home with a bulging sack of shiny new toys. When you next wake, the robe is gone.

Game note: Have 5 spaces of cargo clear before collecting this.

Completing this interaction ends the possibility of obtaining the Snow Child at Avid Horizon. Be sure to acquire the Snow Child first.

A delivery from a grateful friend

Several crates of wine sit in your Lodgings. The note on the top reads "For your service and discretion - J"

A medley of fine vintages

No - it can't be. Greyfields 1868? A few bottles of Broken Giant 1844... isn't that from before the Fall? Only Mr Wines is said to stock these in any quantity, and it reserves them for itself and the very few with whom it considers itself on intimate terms. You extract the best ones for personal consumption. The rest will fetch a fine price.

Game note: Have 10 spaces of cargo clear before collecting this.
A calling card

A smoky flake of hand-lettered vellum. The Wistful Deviless has come to visit.

Available when you've brought the Wistful Deviless to London from the Mount Palmerston Crater.
A fish-skin parcel

Each layer is translucent, but a dozen layers together are a soggy grey. It smells of things that die at zee.

Glory's Story

The Scrimshaw Chronicler has sent you a gift: a harpoon of Stygian ivory, dark as the Gant Pole, engraved up and down with the heroes you invented, and their deaths. Each death-agony is beautifully presented. The courage of these tiny shapes, arrayed against the ancient monster, would stir the most peaceable heart. The turtle called Glory dies at length along the harpoon's length, and at its leather-wrapped handle, the Chelonate is shown triumphant. This piece would grace any museum - it would ennoble any duke's fire-place. It's a lie, of course. Probably no one but you will ever know that.

Peruse your Comprehensive Port Report in private

Perhaps you are unwilling or unable to take it to the Admiralty...

Much to sift through

The Empire of Hands: no equal to London, but certainly a power in waiting. A labyrinth of simian complexities! Consider the opportunities.

Someone else has also considered the opportunities. You have an invitation...
Game note: Something new awaits in your Lodgings

Game note: This will give you a single Secret rather than a fee.
An invitation to Benthic College

Your travels have caught someone's attention.

The Delightful Adventuress

She still seeks passage to the Empire of Hands.

A chance to accept if you previously refused.
Consider Retirement from Zeefaring Life

Maybe it's time.

Game note: This allows you to review options which will end the game. You can safely scrutinise them without choosing one.
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What's waiting for you in London?

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