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Your Study
Your Study (Gazetteer)
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Located in London

Visiting Your Study in Your Lodgings allows you to create An Ironclad Will, Heirlooms, special auxiliary items, and the Zong of the Zee.

Location description[]

The clock ticks. The gas-light whickers. Shadows lie quiet.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Create a Shrine to Stone
You know the hymns, the prayers, the traditions. Perhaps you believe, perhaps you don't. But it'll comfort the zailors.
A glittering shrine

You labour on the shrine for a night and a day and a night, following the prescribed patterns with care. Stone likes beautiful things: Stone likes light. So the stories go. Of course Stone, if she even exists, is a shining mountain a thousand miles to the South. But your shrine is pretty.

Game note: The process of creating the Shrine to Stone will increase your Hearts by 7 (as high as 200), and the Shrine is an Auxiliary item worth a further 7.

Create an Anatomical Cabinet
You have learned so much. Now create an object lesson that will guide you in the destruction of your enemies.
A conversation piece

In the cheerier watches, zailors will gather round it and point out scars, quirks, deformities. Mugs of grog in hand, they will discuss the remains as art critics in a Veilgarden gallery might discuss competent paintings.

Game note: The process of creating the Cabinet will increase your Iron by 7 (as high as 200), and the Cabinet is an Auxiliary item worth a further 7 Iron.

Create a Serene Aquarium
You know the secrets of this peculiar specimen. Construct an environment that will display it to best advantage.
Mysterious motions

Watch this ichthid enigma traverse the tank. Its motions are subtle and elegant: they induce tranquillity. Perhaps, too, they reveal divinatory truths...

Game note: The process of creating the Aquarium will increase your Mirrors by 7 (as high as 200), and the Aquarium is an Auxiliary item worth a further 7 Mirrors.

Create a Monstrous Almanac
You could fill whole shelves of notebooks with what you've learnt of the zee, its monsters, its treasures, its secrets. And so you will.
A distillation of treasures

"The most complex truths evade easy revelation. One must track them - harry them - cage them. They may be caged only by ink wrung from the veins of treasures. To record these truths, I must grind these treasures for ink. They will call me eccentric - they will call me deranged - but they will never call me ignorant..."

Game note: The process of creating the Almanac will increase your Pages by 7 (as high as 200), and the Almanac is an Auxiliary item worth a further 7 Pages.

Create a Whispering Trophy-Case
Yes. Yes, when the bones are emplaced, you will hear them when you sleep.
Advice from the deep

It's only dreams, of course. Cities of pearl, towers of ivory. The spined and lanky creature that hisses advice in your ear. The chilly caress of currents. But each morning when you rise from sleep, the zee is a little more familiar.

Game note: The process of creating the Trophy-Case will increase your Veils by 7 (as high as 200), and the Trophy-Case is an Auxiliary item worth a further 7 Veils.

Write a Will
The Court of Chancery, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom it may devour. Ensure it doesn't get its lion-tentacles on your property when you're gone.
Baseborn & Fowlingpiece

The lawyer peers at you like a vulture composed of crocodiles. "Come now," she creaks. "There's a few years in you yet. But your caution does you credit. Sign here. No, no, ink is fine. This isn't the Brass Embassy."

Game note: Should you die, this will ensure that your heir retains your Lodgings, and any Heirlooms you've accumulated.

Adorn your Lodgings with Captivating Treasures
Convert Captivating Treasures into Heirlooms, and they'll adorn your lodgings until the day you die. After that, your family will probably sell them.
Let's hope the silly young fool appreciates the lengths you went to. Advanced query needs investigation

Game note: This is a way to pass on money to your next character. You can have no more than 12 Heirlooms - or 16 in a Mansion - and you'll need to pay a small fee to write these treasures into your will.

Convert a Collection of Outlandish Artefacts into an Heirloom
Individually, these Artefacts are interesting. Together, they're unique.
An elaborate collection

At least if they're sold, they'll be sold together.

Advanced query needs investigation

Game note: This is a way to pass on money to your next character. You'll need to pay a small fee to write these treasures into your will.

Write the Zong of the Zee
You have assembled a store of lore and a collection of antiquities. Your knowledge of the zee rivals that of any captain of history. Write it all down.
A final draft!

You labour mightily: and a stack of pages rewards your labour. Regard it with pride. It is all your voyages, condensed into a handily foldable format.

Your publisher suggests an epigraph for you, from the latest amended Bible to emerge from St Cyriac's College: "The waters were gathered together, the floods slept in the Sun's blindness, and the depths rose like the Moon, in the light at the edge of the sea."

Game note: This will create the Zong of the Zee, which allows you to retire happily if you have the correct Ambition, and is a pretty nifty item in its own right. It requires the Cabinet, Aquarium, Shrine, Almanac and Trophy-Case, which can all be created here in your Study.

Out into the house
Yawn, stretch, rise from your desk.

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