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Category Curiosity
Type Knowledge
Price 10 x Echo (Sell) at The University
Data ID 102023

Zee-ztory is considered a Knowledge Curiosity item.

Item description[]

"Strange truths are told of the waves and what lies beneath. The lies are even stranger."


Zee-ztory can be obtained in the following ways:

The Unsettling Sage from the Tireless Mechanic's storyline can -after talking to him- turn 1 x Memory of Distant Shores into 1 x Zee-ztory

Like Memory of Distant Shores this item is arguably worth more than it can be typically exchanged for. You can't just buy them in bulk for those prices, and with the vast number of uses for them you are quite likely to run out of them. Of course, there's also vast number of opportunities to gain them, and that's where the catch is - to gain more of them you'd typically have to forgo getting something more valuable than their sell price.



Shop location Shop name Item Buy price Sell price
Whither Fortune & Fortune Fuel 1 x Zee-ztory -
Whither Fortune & Fortune Mutersalt 5 x Zee-ztory -
Irem Wind-Come-Calling Vision of the Surface 2 x Zee-ztory -
Irem Wind-Come-Calling Zee-ztory 2 x Tale of Terror!! -
Empire of Hands Speak with The Lost Treasure Hunter on Hearthsake Island 10 x Zee-ztory 10 x Tale of Terror!! + 1 x Cask of Mushroom Wine -


Item location Action name Effect Notes
Godfall Of blood
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Trade for 1x Hunting Trophy
Light-Ship Speak to the Crew
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Trade for 1x Recent News
Shepherd Isles Tales of the Three Graves
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Event is "Hunters at rest...".
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Event is "Up from the zee-bed...".
Tales of Thornwell Croft
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Event is "That old devil called Light..".
Put a blemmigan ashore
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Adam's Way Carry water for the Chapel of Pyres +1 x Zee-ztory Heart's challenge that offers Zee-ztory and many other Curiosities.


Monster Action name Effect Notes
Jillyfleur Let it disperse
  • +1 x Zee-ztory
Jillyfish Let it disperse
  • +1 x Zee-ztory


Zee-ztory has the following uses: